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SATIS is one of the fastest growing precious minerals mining companies.

The strength of a self-sufficient community, we have learnt, is worth its weight in gold.

Mining activities do not exist in isolation. Rather, the remote and rural areas in which they often occur are home to communities that typically depend on the industry, either directly or indirectly, for their livelihoods. This proximity places a responsibility on mining companies to contribute to the socio-economic welfare and development of the communities in which they operate and from which they draw their employees.

SATIS views community engagement not as a duty, but as a moral, social, economic and environmental necessity.

Our approach is built on two-way stakeholder communication, trust and transparency and long-term, self-sustaining results. We communicate actively and continuously with our multiple stakeholders—including community representatives, non-governmental organisations, regulators, municipalities and governments—through both formal and informal channels. These interactions nurture firm relationships built on mutual respect and understanding, facilitating the creation of education systems and the development of autonomous and successful individuals and businesses. Since mining operations have a limited life, our ultimate strategic objective is to ensure that the development assistance we provide exists long after our operations have ceased.


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