SATIS is one of the fastest growing precious minerals mining companies.

SATIS is committed to applying and upholding the highest standards of corporate governance practice. As SATIS group of companies headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, its disclosure practices and policies are guided in the first instance by the Swiss Companies Act.

The Group also acts in compliance with the other international regulations and policies, as well as laws applicable to the precious minerals industry.



Ensuring appropriate levels of authority and responsibility are in place for all eventualities remains a key area of focus, with substantial focus on internal controls. These controls have been integrated with the company’s risk management processes to ensure that control measures for the effective mitigation of risks identified are in place, and to ensure compliance with legislation and regulations.


SATIS has a formal risk policy framework in place, which is continually maintained and developed to assist management and the board to address systematic categories of risk associated with its business operations.

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  • Cut and polished Diamonds


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