Gold Refinery

SATIS is one of the fastest growing precious minerals mining companies.

SATIS has reached top tier status in the global precious metal production market by the successful completion of its precious metal refining plant.

The company has invested in strengthening the supply chain and improving operational efficiency, to optimise the cost base and consumer experience.

SATIS is a pioneer in the gold industry and is known for its solid reputation, finest quality product, superior client service and effective management. Thanks to the encouragement and support of Governments, SATIS' Refining Unit has been a major contributor to the rise of global market as a gold producer.

Today, a leader of the refining business, SATIS covers all the areas of precious metal including gold preparation and sales of bullion on the market.


SATIS has a full-service precious metals refinery. SATIS’ mission is to provide the highest quality precious metals refining services and products through continuous research and development of......



The responsibilities of our Laboratory are gold assaying and research and development (R&D). Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process, determining the fineness......



Our smelting department plays an important role in the manufacturing process by either melting fine metal into bars or producing grains from gold dust for the use of our refinery. Smelting is a......



SATIS also produces a wide range of gold bullion bars which are refined up to 999,9, with the purities matching the demand from the market. All bars are subjected to accurate and precise inspections......