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SATIS is one of the fastest growing precious minerals mining companies.

Our Vision

Our vision at SATIS is to be a premier precious minerals producer, creating a legacy of responsible, safety, environmental, and employee development practice and enduring community benefit. Underpinning this vision is our commitment to the following values and principles:

  • We treat ourselves and all those with whom we meet and work with dignity, consideration and respect.
  • We are committed to active partnership with local communities, businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations.
  • We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and to contributing long term value to our stakeholders and to Africa.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do.

We believe in using resources wisely, continuing a tradition which has been practised for centuries by the people of Africa.

Our Mission

We will build a sustainable mining business that delivers top quality returns while leading in safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. The focus of our business is precious minerals. Our core competencies are diamonds and gold. We create value for our clients, our employees and our business and social partners through safely and responsibly exploring, mining and marketing our products. While our primary focus is gold and diamond, we pursue value creating opportunities in other minerals where we can leverage our existing assets, skills and experiencing to enhance the delivery of value. We deliver high quality products and services to clients that provide solutions, add value and exceed expectations.

We will be recognised as a market leader, trusted business partner and supplier of choice. We encourage our employees and provide them with the tools and training that enable them to create exceptional value for their external and internal customers. We offer equal opportunity, a healthy, safe and secure working environment and competitive compensation and benefits. We will develop mutually beneficial long term relationships with vendors, financial partners, and service providers who are committed to exceeding our expectations.

Our Objective

We will achieve our mission and vision through purposeful and focused attention to the:

  • Extraction of mineral resources in a socially and environmentally friendly manner
  • Safety and Health of our employees and visitors at the workplace
  • Achievement of production targets through the effective and efficient utilization of all resources at our disposal
  • Establishment of effective systems and processes throughout the value chain to achieve cost and technological leadership in the industry
  • Capability development, recognition and appropriate reward of our human resources
  • Aggressive implementation of projects to achieve organic growth targets on budgets


  • Rough Diamonds
  • Cut and polished Diamonds


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